Rose Flavoured Atayef Bil Ashta

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Rose Flavoured Atayef Bil Ashta

Postby Sanika » Sat Jul 11, 2015 10:18 pm

Atayef Bil Ashta is an Arabic Dessert made during Ramadan. Atayef means Yeasted pancakes, Ashta means Creamy milk custard. I made a few changes in the recipe.

Ingredients For Atayef - Pancakes:

1 Cup Wheat Flour + 1 Cup All-Purpose Flour (Maida)
1-1/4 Cup Water
1 Cup Milk
1/2 Tspn Dried Yeast
1/4 Tspn Salt
2 Tblspn Sugar


Mix Salt, Sugar and Yeast in Flour mixture.
Combine Milk + Water and heat until warm.
Now pour this milk + water mixture into the flour mixture and whisk without any lump.
Cover and let it rest for an hour.
Mixture will double in volume after an hour's time.

Heat Non-stick pan on low heat.
Pour ladle full of batter and do not spread it using back of spatula.
when you will see all the holes formed on the top looks dry remove it on a plate.

Ingredients For Ashta:

1 Cup Milk
1 Cup Fresh Cream (You can use Qaimar Cream if easily available)
2 Tblspn Cornflour
3 Tblspn Rose Syrup (Original recipe calls for Rose water or Orange Blossom Water, I didn't get that so im using Rose Syrup)
1 -2 Tblspn Sugar (Adjust according to your taste)
Pistachio Powder For Garnishing


Combine milk and fresh cream together and heat it on medium-low heat.
Make a mixture of Cornflour and milk without any lumps.
Once milk mixture is warm enough , add cornflour mixture and stir continuously.
Now add Rose Syrup and sugar and stir.

Mixture will start thickening, consistency of mixture should be like custard.
Switch off gas and let it cool completely.
Nowcover the surface of custard with cling wrap prevent a skin from forming.
Set aside until the custard has cooled.


Now start folding pancakes into half, pinching sides and seal the edges till one corner is left open.

Fill Rose custard in a piping bag or zipl-loc bag, snip its end and pipe custard into folded pancakes.
Garnish it with pistachio powder.

Rose Flavoured Atayef - Bil - Ashta is ready to serve.


You can keep them refrigerated .
You can add 2 tblspn of Ricotta Cheese to the custard.
Drizzle some honey or Maple Syrup and serve it.
Atayef - Bil - Ashta can be made by folding like a crescent shaped Pancake and frying them.
Drizzle some sugar syrup on top of it and serve.
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Re: Rose Flavoured Atayef Bil Ashta

Postby manish » Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:37 pm

What can I say? This is beautiful and tempting beyond words....I don't think I can try this as such, but looks *very* pretty!

Thanks a ton for sharing it here! :-)
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