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Urbounce Cafe, Baner-Pashan Link Road, Pune

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Urbounce Cafe, Baner-Pashan Link Road, Pune

Postby manish » Sat Nov 21, 2015 6:30 pm

If you think healthy food cannot be tasty, you must visit Urbounce Cafe to experience how innovative and delicious healthy food could be! It also offers lot of vegan options as well.

Absolutely delicious Orange Broccoli & Onion Salad at Urbounce Cafe

To start with, it is a tiny outlet located on the third floor with Urbounce Fitness on Baner-Pashan link road. And to be frank, it feels quite awkward to sit at the entrance of the gym along with the reception while gym members make their way through bio-metric barriers. But trust me on this one, the food will make you forget about the ambiance and inconvenience with its divine taste.

I'll let the photos do the talking here with few comments in between. We started our meal with this wonderful & innovative Orange Broccoli & Onion Salad and it tasted just divine with sauteed onions, broccoli, fresh orange pieces in orange juice with a dash of chili powder. Here is another look at it -

Innovative Orange Broccoli & Onion Salad at Urbounce Cafe

Here is Ratatouille, again the veggies were cooked perfectly, neither too soft nor uncooked. The taste was just right. Though, potion was little less here.

Ratatouille at Urbounce Cafe

We tried 5 Element Oriental Bowl which is vegan, and it tasted absolutely delicious in the coconut milk based gravy. Though they did not have brown rice with it, it was still wonderful with noodles!

Delicious 5 Element Oriental Bowl at Urbounce Cafe

We tried Pasta Arabiatta, which was quite tasty with freshly prepared sauce with some fresh veggies.

Pasta Arabiatta at Urbounce Cafe

We also had another salad: Apple & Tofu Salad with Burnt Garlic as recommended by chef Rahul Singh though it was not on the menu. This is good, but Orange Broccoli & Onion Salad is much better.

Apple & Tofu Salad with Burnt Garlic at Urbounce Cafe

Then we tried Pasta with Oats Béchamel & Low-Fat cheese, which is probably the best Béchamel sauce I have tasted so far. It was not too cheesy and they use oats instead of refined white flour or cornflour to make it thick. It also had plenty of fresh veggies & herbs and this tasted just beautiful. I am not a big fan of white sauce pasta, but I absolutely loved it.

Pasta with Oats Béchamel & Low-Fat cheese at Urbounce Cafe

We also tried Orange Rosemary Juice, Watermelon Ginger Juice, Oats Honey Banana & Walnut Frappe and the chef offered us complementary Power Shots while we were waiting for our dishes. Sorry there are no photos for this, but I must recommend Power Shots and Oats Honey Banana & Walnut Frappe - they are pretty good! While the former is refreshing, the latter is quite filling and nutritious. Food is almost perfect - just that few things were not available (like brown rice) but they took care managing it well despite it being a very small outlet.

Service: While having our lunch, I had a chance to talk to chef Rahul Singh who was also busy serving yet another group which had ordered some custom dishes. Though initially we felt awkward in this tiny outlet in the gym, after some discussion the chef Rahul made us feel comfortable and ensured that our dishes were served promptly and service was polite & helpful. It is highly appreciable because their cooking area is pretty small and they had special guests with custom menu.

Chef Rahul Singh (extreme left) & his team at Urbounce Cafe

Ambiance: Well, this probably is the only problem in my opinion. Besides our table located near entrance and reception of the gym, they have small terrace area where the other group was being served. As I mentioned earlier, it felt pretty awkward to sit right at the entrance near reception while gym embers were walking in & out. I sincerely hope that they would move to bigger place in the same premises or nearby to cater to larger clientele. They must have bigger place and better visibility so that more people can relish their food. Their food indeed deserves it!

The chef, Rahul Singh seemed to be smart and dynamic person and he mentioned that he also served food at Amdox in Pune. I am sure he would figure out a way to make it bigger!

Value For Money: The dishes are priced quite reasonably given the innovative offerings that they have.

Urbounce Cafe is highly recommended if you love healthy food or vegan food, they have plenty of vegan options as well. Besides, they have some of the most innovative dishes and almost all that we tried tasted delicious! So you can indulge without guilt! :-)

Rating -

Food - 4.5/5
Service - 4/5
Ambiance - 2.5/5
Value for money - 4/5

Overall - 4/5
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